E-Dubble ft iSH – Make Like a Tree

Yup Yup!!! E-Dubble is back this week with another track for his “Freestyle Friday” series! Believe it or not, this is #52 and it’s featuring none other than yours truly!!! Check it out here!!!!

e-dubble – Make Like a Tree by edubble

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Mr Little Jeans – Rescue me (RAC Remix)

Generally I can’t say i’m a huge fan of dudes in little jeans….but his name aside, this song is dope! To be honest, I haven’t heard the original but after hearing this remix, i’m not sure I want to. Its like seeing Urkel without his glasses, once you’re used to seeing him with them you can’t accept him without them….*sigh…i’m tired, but you get the point!
Peeped this 1st on Sunset in the Rearview

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective

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Aziz Ansari Presents: Parks and Recreation

First off, Aziz Ansari is f*cking hilarious and Parks and Rec is my sh*t! Now, for those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the past few months a rapper by the name of E-dubble has been releasing a song every week for the past 52 weeks as part of his Freestyle Friday series. What do Parks and Rec and E-Dubble have to do with each other?…… This!! Ps: THIS is rad son….


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Magnetic Man ft John Legend – Getting Nowhere

The video is an alternative take on the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse set in modern day London. I…am…feeling this!

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fast ass rapping

haha this sh*t is pretty crazy. This kid raps fast as hell, but I think my favortie part is him petting the cat at the beginning. Spotted this at Pigeons & Planes.

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I swear i’ll do it!

haha…it’s the little things in life

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Hoodie Allen – Dreams Up

Hoodie gets lots of blog love. His first mixtape Pep Rally did really well and since then he’s been flying under the radar while working on his new album titled Leap Year. Dream Up is the first song released from the project. Pretty dope but I liked some of his other stuff better.

Dreams Up by ThisIsRadSon

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